Why don't you sell Ecigarettes in a "kit" like all the other E-Cig companies?

E-CIG.Net is made for the price conscious consumer.  We package our E-Cig as affordable and convenient as possible, which allows us to keep the cost low and sell E-Cigs for less then anyone in the world.  Other e-cig companies sell their "Kit" for a much higher price on their websites. You could literally purchase everything in a "kit", in pieces, cheaper then the "kit" costs.  So why are you paying an extra $30 or $40 dollars - by buying a "kit", the box? At E-Cig.Net we know you don't want to pay for a box.  You want an E-Cig...;  Puff on. 

Is credit card checkout safe and secure?

At E-CIG.Net we use encrypted software which is equivalent to government secure transaction software.  Our Gateway Merchant is We use your credit card and account information only one time to contact your bank for approval.  The order is either approved or declined.  We do not save or store any personal information.  We also require your CVV number (3 digit security # located on the back of your credit card) to be valid at time of checkout or your order will be declined.  

What are the strengths of your (high nicotine) and (low nicotine) cartridge filters?

We follow the standard and our Cartridge/Filters have the same nicotine as most every E-cig company. The 'High Nicotine' Cartridge/Filters contain 16mg of nicotine and the 'Low Nicotine' Cartridge/Filters contain 6mg of nicotine.


Where can I buy an affordable ecigarette?

Affordable ecigarettes can be purchased online at www.E-CIG.Net and participating-Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Malls, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Air Ports, Pharmacies etc...

Does my E-Cig come charged and ready to puff on?

Yes your E-Cigarette is charged and ready to smoke right out of the package.  When You purchase your E-Cig from any of our distributors - Bars, Cigar Shops, Restaurants, Mini Marts, Discount Cigarette Stores, Malls, Movie Theaters, Ball Parks etc.., However you will always get the longest smoke out of your E-Cig immediately after you charge the E-Cigarette, either at home from your car or with your USB chargers.

Why are people using Electronic Cigarettes?

Most smokers, smoke because they enjoy the psychological, physical and emotional feelings you get from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-Cig.Net provides you with the pleasures of smoking, without all the problems that occur when burning tobacco in traditional Cigarettes. Some reasons people use E-Cig.Net products: Convenience, Affordability, health, freedom to smoke anywhere and everywhere, no Smoke, no second hand smoke, no odor, no teeth stain, no bad breath and non-flammable.

Is E-CIG.Net cheaper then traditional cigarettes?

E-CIG.Net can be recharged up to 1000 times before being disposed of.  Our Cartridge/Filters are equal to a pack of traditional smokes - (We have designed our Cartridge/Filters to last longer then most companies replacement filters, giving you more puffs out of each use) Our Electronic Cigarette is cheaper and more convenient.  Puff on   PLEASE NOTE: E-CIG.Net is not a smoking cessation product.

How do I Turn-On the E-Cig?

You simply inhale on the device and it switches on, and when you are done, put it back in your pocket or carrying case, and it shuts off automatically. 

Can I get nicotine poisoning if I continue to smoke E-Cigarettes?

No, you will not get nicotine poisoning from using a Electronic Cigarette from E-CIG.Net.  Due to the fact that our E-Cigarette has a built in electronic smart chip which stops automatically for "one second" if too long of a inhalations or puff occur within a short time; or if you take a inhalation or constant puff over 8 seconds long. Once the E-Cig shuts down by blinking 3 times on the L.E.D. battery tip, it is ready to restart and continue use after one-three Seconds.

What is a Cartridge/Filter?

E-CIG.Net 'High Nicotine' Cartridge/Filters contain the nicotine strength that you get when you use a Traditional Cigarette. The cartridges comes in various strengths: High, Low, and no nicotine. The cartridge/Filters come in various flavors such as: Tobacco (just like a Traditional cigarette), Menthol, apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, mint, Hilton, Pineapple, Grape, Peach and Marboro. You can purchase all your Cartridge/Filters at www.E-CIG.Net

When do I have to replace a Cartridge/Filter?

You should replace the cartridge/Filter when the vapor released by your Ecigarette reduces or no longer produces any smoke like vapor. This is usually an indication that the nicotine in the Filter cartridge is running out.  It is important to always replace your Cartridge/Filter if you are experiencing a problem getting any nicotine from your e-cig, It is possible your e-cig is working properly and the filter has dried out or may even be a dud.  You should always try 1-2 brand new cartridge/filters before you assume the e-cig is the problem.  You can purchase all your cartridge/Filters at www.E-CIG.Net

How long will the E-Cig  Cartridge/Filter last? 

The Electronic Cigarette  Cartridge/Filter is equivalent to about 1 pack of traditional cigarettes, or 20 cigarettes.  We measure this by the number of puffs you get per tobacco burning cigarette v.s. the amount of puffs produced by an Electronic Cigarette with a brand new Cartridge/Filter. 

How long will the battery last before needing to recharge?

The battery will last approximately one week with normal use or equivelent to 2 packs of Traditional cigarettes. (depending on the inhalation of the smoker and the youth of the battery) E-CIG.Net has made it very convenient for E-Cig users to recharge their E-Cigs by offering E-Cig chargers; Home, Car, and USB- (computer charger). 

What does it mean when the indicator light flashes?

The flashing light at the end of the device, indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged, or the security system smart chip has activated-which restricts the amount of inhalations in a short amount of time. (the security restricts the amount of nicotine dispursed from each drag) If your L.E.D. light flashes 3 consecutive times in a row when you are first trying to take a puff then your E-Cig has a dead battery and you need to recharge your E-Cig battery.

What is the 'smoke like' substance released from the Electronic Cigarette?

The 'smoke like' substance released from the Electronic Cigarette is vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. There is no Smoke, residue or smell in the air, and it will not harm anyone around you.

Does the Ecigarette have a smell?

No, the 'Water Vapor' has no odor, however you may have a light essence from the flavors of the nicotine Cartridge/Filter.

Does the Ecigarette have a taste?

E-CIG.Net has a varity of flavors, all which resemble their named flavor. All the Smoke like Vapor resembles traditional tobacco with an essence of what ever flavor you choose, but feels much smoother and cleaner as there are none of the pollutions associated with burning tobacco. There are several flavors to choose from, such as: Tobacco, Menthol, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, mint, apple, cherry and strawberry. you can purchase all your filters cartridges and accessories at www.E-CIG.Net

Can I use my Electronic Cigarette anywhere?

Yes, you should be able to use the Ecigarette from anywhere and everywhere, since it does not release smoke (just harmless vapor), however some people who are not familiar with E-Cigarettes may ask you not to smoke, until you explain that it’s not a traditional cigarette, and there is no tobacco smoke or pollution being emitted.

Can anyone use a Electronic Cigarette?

No, Electronic Cigarettes from E-Cig.Net is intended for adults only and is not intended to be used by pregnant women, people under the legal age to consume nicotine or those sensitive to nicotine.

Do I need a lighter for the E-Cig?

No, you do not need a lighter for a Electronic Cigarette, it’s an electronic device.